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Wreck Fishing???

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Looking for some insight on the bite? I am new to the wrecks and tried some inside around 3/5 miles, got on the structure with good positioning but no fish. The bait was crab but not a bite. Still it was a perfect day 55 and sunny. Any useful tips for finding the bite would be GEAT!!!
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Go farther and get out in 60-70 feet. Get on the right wreck and you'll have all you want. :D
Head out wayyy further my friend. At least 10-15 miles...20 miles would be the best bet. Find deeper water 70+ feet. Dont try just wrecks. If you want blackfish find some nice rock piles on your depthfinder, they should produce. crabs is the right bait, so all you need is deeper water. Good luck.
thnanks for the tip further it is. FISH or go HOME!!!
If you want Sea bass take some Squid.
You are anchoring over the structure, right?
Right on top fo it, we were marking the structure perfectly even i was shocked but not a hit but plenty of hang ups!
Go back to those spots in April and May and you'll catch the seabass. Squid or clams for bait.
I mean what time of year. Water temp is important when it comes to that type of fishing. The fish still may have been offshore or just left.
is city of athens or sims a good spot this time of year?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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