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I'm a seasoned veteran of the desktop support and network support/implementation industry and am always helping non-work friends out. If you have a need for the following please let me know:
  • Spyware, virus activity, slow computer, rebuild computer....I can fix it!
  • Need a home network wired/wireless setup...I can do that!
  • Want to upgrade your computer with more memory, burn/backup DVD's, larger or secondary hard drives....I will hook you up!
  • Websites for your head/open boat to gain more exposure...e-commerce (online booking) options available.
  • Private website for your personal boat to show off your catch to family and friends
  • Anything else not listed above...I will figure it out!
I don't do stuff for $'s anymore as I find that is more of a pain in the a$$ so I'm looking to catch rides on boats for the spring run and maybe beyond.

Professional references available upon request. No request to big or to small. I'm located in south jersey and willing to travel as far north as Morris County. I can also provide phone support for smaller issues if needed. As long as we can agree on even swap, tech support for fishing, I'm all for it.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jalto (Jon)
[email protected]
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