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Boat is rigged with 2 mounting stations and transducers so I can use the fishfinder at the helm or at the bow where the trolling motor is. I left the unit in a "dry" compartment and it got soaked and is now history. I would go to a new unit, but since I have the 2 mounting stations, I need a 250C or another unit with a large data plug on the back of the unit. Most new unit have a small plug which would make me re-rig the transducer.

Not to sound cheap, but this has to be a great price. If not, I will bite the bullet and go to a new unit and rewire the boat for the transducers.

May also be looking for a gps or combo unit. My GPSmap 162 was also in the same compartment and is also ruined.

reply to: david.w[email protected] or call my mobile: 856-305-2063


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