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I have the hardly used Hullraiser and 48 inch Cross Bars and Mounts. New 350$ asking 175$

Please email me at [email protected] if interested

MSRP: $119.00 USD | Product # 8004039 | Buy Online (HULLRAISER)
Rack WarehouseSun & Ski SportsRack OutfittersRock Creek OutfittersRackAttackBike GuysTravelCountry.comRack & GoRack SolidBackcountryORS Racks DirectREI

This sibling to the HullRaiser Aero saves you some dough, mounts to either round or square bars, and proves that boat security and ease of loading runs in the HullRaiser family. The only difference from the HullRaiser Aero is that it doesn’t fit factory crossbars.
· J-Cradle design uses less crossbar space than
saddle designs
· Keeps touring, whitewater and recreational
kayaks safe & sound
· Includes premium padding for ultimate
boat protection
· Includes 1 pair of Heavy Duty Straps, with
padded buckles
· Includes Bow/Stern Tie-Down Straps to complete

MSRP: $70.00 USD | Product # 8000408 | Buy Online (CROSSBARS)
Rack WarehouseRock Creek OutfittersRack SolidSun & Ski SportsBackcountryRack & GoREIORS Racks DirectRackAttackRack OutfittersTravelCountry.comBike Guys

48" crossbars attach to towers and provide stability to your rack system. They also support the sport-specific racks that carry your gear.
Made from vinyl coated galvanized steel
Includes 2 crossbars
Crossbars are 48" wide

MSRP: $159.00 USD | Product # 8000214 | Buy Online (CONTROL TOWERS)
BackcountryRack & GoRack OutfittersTravelCountry.comBike GuysRack WarehouseRock Creek OutfittersRack SolidORS Racks DirectREISun & Ski SportsRackAttack

There are some things in life you can't control. But your ability to put a Yak mount on your factory rack isn't one of them.
Requires Crossbars and LandingPads
Locks into a LandingPad base for a custom fit
Fully adjustable crossbar spread for track applications
Won’t give you a nervous breakdown, unlike working in an air traffic control tower
Lockable with SKS cores – sold separately
Sold in sets of 4. Also sold in pairs, part# 8000212
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