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Yesterday Afternoon

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We were out on the Stalker with Capt Skip Yesterday, the [email protected]!d really came up in the afternoon, and pretty much killed our trip.

We tried the rips with both Bucktails and Clam but we were drifting at 3 1/2 Knots and it was no good.

Against Skips judgement we had him head out to the bay, and the [email protected]!d really got going, we did manage a few Skates and 1 short on clam, but the ride back was pretty rough.

My advice, when the Captain says ditch the trip, listen to the man! :eek:

It was still great fishing with you Skip, and I can't wait to get for some of those Drum with you!! :D

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John- this isn't gonna make you feel any better- but if you could have seen the seas in the was so awesome out there. That W kicked up right at the turn of the tide and changed the whole ballgame!!!

You'll get em next time.
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