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Yesterday on the Raritan

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Got out yesterday for a few hours near the 20. Landed about 10 bass and a bunch of blues. Fishing was steady all morning. It may just be my luck but the bass seem to get smaller with each trip for me. We landed 3 keeper size bass with the rest being in the 25-28" range. Are the bigger fish in a different area????
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We are headed up there tonight to fish in the morning tomorrow. We will let you know how we do.
Steve... clams or bunker? Just an FYI, the bigger fish seem to be following the blues and hitting bunker.
Aftermath, I only use clams. Where I go I don't know where to buy bunker, they don't seem to get it in. To be honest I have no clue how to catch it myself. I am new to saltwater fishing and learning as I go in addition to help from this forum.
Seaclusion, buy yourself a large treble w/ the lead in the center. Cast into the school and jerk. If the school is big enough you can feel touching the line. If you have a live well you can continue to catch a few and then live line them, a 5/0 circle hook in its back at the dorsal fin.
I fished Raritan last thurs. and this weds. Had 22 bass and 12 bass respectively. Smallest fish was 34 1/2" largest 41". I'll be kayakin' for large mouths this weekend!! Save the salt for Tues/Weds.


Study the picture hard and you will find your way to the bigger bass!!
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Saltflyfisherman, Yes I have a livewell. I will have to pick up one of those rigs, but I haven't seen a bait school yet this year.
The bunker have been way back anywhere between the 27 can back to 50 in the reach. We fill the live well yesterday with in minutes. Had bass to 23 lbs. And monster blues too.
We have been fishing the area for 3 years and can't seem to find the bass either. We have our way with the fluke all summer and weaks in sept/oct but the bass hate us! The only times we do good is on the party boat. We must have a sign painted on the belly of our boat telling the bass the stay away!
We fished there yesterday early and then in the fog livelining bunker and had stripers to 35lbs. Once boat traffic picked up the bait scattered and so did the bass. Many nice size blues in tne mix if you wanted them. Fished up west off channels edge. Some guys were anchored on the chunk and did equally as well. Stay out of crowds and look for breaking bunker schools, bass were under them.
seaclusion the bunker are in atl. highlands marina by the boats on their moorings and at the triangle in perth amboy. You have to get to the bunker early before boat traffic gets going.
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