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Get ahold of Tim McGow down at Bennett. Ask him if they have any of the powder coated tab plates left over from testing that will fit yours. Corrosion problems are not warrantied, but if they have spare tabs laying around he'll send them to you for nothing..

I had set get eaten in about a month at the Stone Harbor docks on 81st st. At the time Bennett was playing around with powder coating them. Tim sent me a set and just asked to tell them if the new coating was sticking to them.. It didn't..

After that at one boat show I bought these block zincs out of grab bucket for a buck a chunk. Each one weighed about pound. They looking like small ingots and had holes drilled in them. I cut them and have been using them since on tabs. I bought 10lbs, I wished I'd bought 50lbs.. The point is you can use any shape zinc you can find and bolt it to the top of it. just make sure you get clean contact between the zinc and the tab and don't be afraid to check them once in awhile. When they get eaten away they get loose.
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