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Got a set of Bennett trim tabs that are deteriorating badly, especially the hinge and inner backing plate, so I'm adding zincs to the tabs. The boat has a bracketed outboard.

Couple of questions;

Is it necessary to ground, (bond) the tabs?

If it is necessary, (and I'm assuming it is for an "anode" to work properly)... what's the simplest method?... and what type of wire would you use?

I've never seen this happen before, with previous boats, and I've never had zincs on the tabs. Wondering why this is happening with this boat. I installed the tabs about 3 years ago. Sanded, primered and painted them with Petit ablative bottom paint, (copper base). Is this the wrong type of paint to use on stainless steel?

One thing that's different from previous boats is... I added Bennett's trim tab indicators, (red led's). Wondering if that's somehow effecting them, (bleeding current?).

The outboard's zincs seam to be ok, (doing their thing). Normal loss after the season, (maybe 20 - 30 %).

Thanks in advance.
You can use regular bottom paints on trim tabs as they are SS, so you are ok there. You can just drill a hole and add the rudder zincs on each tab or Camp even makes a zinc kit that mounts to the bolts that coonect the tab to the actuator.
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